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Students Taking Action Towards Success 

We know that students are more than just numbers on a page and they deserve to be treated as such.


STATS offers tutoring, mentoring, and a platform where youth can tell their story and make a difference for other youth like themselves. 

Through our partnership with local businesses and donors, we are able to provide access to tutors and mentors for students who need extra support in their academic or professional pursuits. We also provide opportunities for students to attend conferences where they can network with professionals from around the country and learn from them firsthand about what it takes to succeed professionally in today's economy.


When students are given a platform to share their stories, we can learn from one another and our world becomes a better place. Whether it's through our blog posts or by sharing your voice in our surveys. Whether it's through our social media accounts or by attending one of our events. We are here for YOU (and all your friends). We want to know what YOU think about YOUR education, YOUR school system, YOUR future, YOUR life!

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