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Our Story

At Even You, our mission is simple. We believe Even You have the potential to succeed.


We believe that we have a responsibility to help encourage and empower the next generation of leaders by working together to remove the barriers to education and ensuring that youth have access to all the programs and resources they need to succeed.


We offer a variety of programs to help the youth we serve:

-A Care Closet program that provides free clothing and essentials like toiletries and hygiene products to students in need. Which addresses a barrier that may be  preventing them from attending school or participating in extracurricular activities.

-An Athletics program that helps students take part in sports while also receiving tutoring and mentorship services

-An Economic Justice Program that teaches students how to start their own businesses while providing them with opportunities for networking and mentorship. Students learn how to start their own businesses as a way to earn money for college or save for later in life.

-Students Taking Action Towards Success (STATS), is our program where students are able to apply for funds for their own projects or community service initiatives. We also offer coaching and mentoring services for students who want to get ahead in school.

In addition to our programs, Even You hosts an annual summit for high school students where they can meet with successful entrepreneurs and hear from speakers who share their experiences as members of the community who have made it big despite coming from humble beginnings themselves.

Want to take part?

Whether you're a student looking for extra support and encouragement or a way to finance your education, a business owner who wants to give back, or just someone who wants to help youth in need get the resources they need, we've got you covered.

Board of Directors

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals are at the heart of what we do, utilizing their unique skills and passion to move the work of Even You forward. Without them, Even You would not be where it is today.

Our Team

Get to Know the Faces behind Even You

Since our founding, Even You has developed and grown exponentially. We’re very proud of the expertise of our staff and their abilities to contribute their own unique experience and skills to our success.

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